Persephone & Pluto

Available in both twill and organza silk – 95×95 cm

One of the most well known Greek myths was the one of Pluto or Hades and Persephone or Cora. Their romance was indeed fine but started in an atypical way. Hades was the king of the underworld and one of the rare times he decided to leave the underworld just for a walk in the upper world saw Persephone the daughter of goddess Demetra, the agriculture goddess ,and he instantaneously fell in love. With the little help of his brother Zeus, he made a quick plan, and by splitting the ground beneath Persephone foot, that was casually playing with her friends, he managed to kidnap her and take her to the underworld! At the beginning of their common life Persephone felt unhappy and homesick but progressively she started to love the mysterious Hades . Her feelings grew even more when Pluto realized how much Cora was missing her family and decided to allow her presence in the upper world for six months, and the other half with him in the underworld.(It is said that based on that agreement the four seasons were identified, with obvious the presence of Spring when Cora was located in the Upper world) Of course by making this decision ,Pluto took his measures by feeding Persephone pomegranate , fact that made her ”tied” with her God indefinitely. (Love passes through the stomach after all !) .So Hades would not had to worry about these six months his loving wife was spending away from him. So this fine romance was indeed from another planet. And this was a really hard core and unusual situation for a girl named Cora or Hard Cora, without a regular chora(chora means country in Greek language). If Pluto & Persephone lived in modern times, Pluto could easily got inspired a verse like :”Persephone pick up the phone to hear your voice the echo of my rejoice”. 🙂